how to start preparation for jee after class 11

How to start preparing for JEE from class 11

Here are some tips you can include in your daily routine to crack the JEE Exams on time if you are starting to prep early.

IITs are becoming increasingly popular among students, and getting into one is not an easy task. The competition is fierce. Having a degree from an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is a dream for many students in India. There are many factors that make the IITs stand out, including experienced faculty, best infrastructure, research opportunities, and corporate connections.

However, to get into IIT a student has to first clear the JEE competitive exam and get the highest ranking. There are two exams JEE Mains and JEE Advance that one needs to clear to get into IIT. First, the students appear for JEE Mains and then for Advance.

Here are some tips you can include in your daily routine to crack the JEE Exams on time if you are starting to prep early. 

Make a Study Plan

It’s always better to have a strategic study plan in order to complete your preparation within time. Set targets for a small duration and try to complete them within time. Make a timetable with the right amount of gaps so you also get proper rest and time to prepare for your upcoming exam. Keep revising and take mock tests to manage your speed. 

Clear the Basic Concepts

Before you begin to practice it is best to get your basic clears so during final preparation you will not need to waste time learning things over and over again. You can clear your basics by studying the NCERT books that are considered the best and also take help from your teachers to clear any doubts.

Make Notes

Make sure you take notes related to any topic you are studying. The notes can be used for quick revisions before the exam and for later revisions of the topics.

Get Reference Books

Apart from the books that are provided under the curriculum, there are other books also available that are specifically prepared for preparations which can help you with solving a different set of questions, and also you might get to learn some new concepts. You can get your hands on these books easily online/offline. A few of the best books are those by Arihant Publications, H.C. Verma, and R.D. Sharma. You can also get them easily at any book store. 

Have a Look at Previous Years’ Question Papers

Exam preparation is greatly aided by past years’ question papers. Even if you start preparing for this paper in class XI, you won’t be able to solve the entire paper as some of the questions will come from class XII. It is imperative, however, that you go through the previous years’ question papers in order to understand the pattern. Moreover, you will be able to determine the type of questions and the level of difficulty.

Stay Motivated

Preparation for cracking the JEE exams can be really haunting. Stress and distractions are pretty common but you should always try to keep yourself positive and motivated throughout. Motivation to work towards your goals comes from finding something that keeps you happy, within, be it writing down your goals or listening/reading to your favorite personality’s achievements.


Every student should realize that nothing tops their own mental and physical health.  You might not hear this very often but having self-care time once in a while is also equally required and one of the most important factors of the preparation. Eat clean, keep your mind and body physically fit by exercising, keep yourself updated with the current world scenarios, don’t get completely isolated, have a sound sleep, and take breaks once in a while to re-energize.

While there is ample time to prepare for the IIT JEE exam as early as class 11, only a proper strategy, a realistic schedule, and a high level of concentration will allow you to achieve your big dream. Keep the mindset that two years is not enough time. There is no way to bring up bright colours in the examination unless you follow your schedule without skipping a day.

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